FabGoose moments – This autumn life

Wonderful everyday in France

The nature is changing so fast at the moment.⠀

Last week it was steel mostly green outside.⠀

And now it's half yellow.⠀

I love this seasonal shift. 

Here is one moment in a life of one very happy girl and her wonderful everyday that you can follow on a very inspiring Instagram account @franceinseason ⠀

It's about living simply in France and the choices that parents have made for their 3 kids.

Click here or on the image to shop this blanket.

See all this week featured products below.⠀

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Christmas decorations to make yourself – Mistletoe paper ornament

Mistletoe for Christmas

A fresh mistletoe with its beautiful deep green color and small white, sticky berries is very decorative.

No wonder that it’s used as a holiday decoration despite if we believe in the old traditions or not.

The custom of using mistletoe to decorate houses at Christmas is a survival of the Druid and other pre-Christian traditions.


Thought that the The European mistletoe grows on a range of trees including willow, apple and oak trees it is not that easy to get a branch or two in December for decorating.

Also the mistletoe is considered poisonous.


Well the next best solution is to create your own mistletoe paper ornament that is also elegant and decorative and can be re-used for the seasons to come.

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Christmas window decorations ideas – your Holiday window Scandinavian Style

Home made (But still elegant) Nordic Christmas decor out of paper

Decorating for the holidays doesn't need to feel difficult, mundane or be a time-consuming undertaking.

The decorations can be and should be easy to make. This was exactly our aim for this collection of elegant Christmas paper decorations named Nordic Winter Mood.

Now your homemade Christmas decorations out of paper can look as a stylish masterpiece when you use these DIY kits.

Also to decorate your Holiday window.

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How by organizing clothes on the hangers you can help your child get ready for the school start

How by organizing clothes on the hangers you can help your child get ready for the school start


Do you have a child who starts at school after this summer vacation?

It is a very big change for your child to start at school.

It is expected, among other things, that the child himself should be able to handle small practical tasks - such as putting on and off the clothes.

Make the dressing easy for your child:

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