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Engaging, personable, anthropomorphic

There is nothing whimsical, cute or girlish about Fabulous Goose designs for kids.

Firmly emotive but with a contemporary twist, Fabulous Goose designs are an antidote to the overwhelm of children’s design that says everything must be dumbed down and bubblegum pink.

Characters will always bring a smile, always tug at the heartstrings and pack a strong emotional punch but Fabulous Goose designs are brave, strong and packed with personality:

just like the children that love them so much.

Take a trip to wonderland

Children’s rooms should inspire dreams and imaginative play.

Fabulous Goose textiles can help to create just such an atmosphere, for all different age groups.

That’s because our Kids collection gives children room to be children: characterised by premium quality, fresh colours, and safe, natural materials it is ideal for stimulating imaginative play.

Our Kids collection is also good for design-conscious parents who want sophisticated design, good quality and locally produced, safe products.

And of course, like all busy mums and dads, they will also appreciate that all the items in the collection are easy-care.


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Press Releases

Universal love for classic storytelling

The cute yet intrinsically detailed patterns have proved captivating to a global customer base and reflect the universal love for classic storytelling and themes.

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The Gift Of Stories To Be Told -

Adventure, excitement and nostalgia defines Fabulous Goose’s new range of cute ‘Stories’ blankets for babies and children.

The ‘Stories’ collection comprises ducking soft premium brushed cotton blankets designed with a cultural diffusion of eclectic ethnic patterns and prints that allude to a story, an adventure, a journey.

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Fairytale Forest collection 2.0 in new vivid colors

Colorful, design-led collection for people who aren’t afraid to bend the rules of traditional Scandinavian design.

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Our best seller – Fairytale Forest blanket in New vivid colors

Fairytale Forest sand / petrol

Bambi navy / off white

Bambi red / light blue

Bambi light pink / petrol

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Hookie Hangers

Hookie hangers bring a sense of sweet fun and nostalgia to the wardrobe of the most discerning toddler and make getting dressed in the morning a pleasure.

Adventure, excitement and nostalgia - Stories blankets

Stories blanket Happy 

Stories blanket Forest

Stories blanket Flamingo

Stories blanket Classic


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