Paper Christmas Tree – deep red 3D decoration kit medium


Simple Christmas decor – rethinked Christmas tree.
A clear-lined simplicity of Nordic design in both shape and color. 

You can easily create this holiday decoration with minimalist appearance in just 15 minutes. 

We invite you to be bold and innovative when it comes to colors this year. This tree in claret red will add elegance of the creative imagination to any space.

FabGoose paper decorations remind of a colder season without necessarily referring to the festive Christmas days. This kind of decor could even stay during the entire Winter season allowing for a cozy feel in our homes.

HANDMADE… by you

This medium 3D paper Tree comes in a beautiful packaging.

This Co-Creation kit is complete but not finished and includes:

• Paper arks with ready-to-use elements made of 175 g sturdy paper with natural antique finish. FSC and ECF certified (no heavy metals or chlorine bleaching)
• Foot stand Ø 70 * 23 mm, European Oak / metal pin / Round top in European Oak
• Plastic beads – plenty (400 pcs.)
• Simple assembling instruction with illustrations

Also available in Big size 

Color: Size:

Deep red paper

Dark red plastic beads

H 25,5 cm 
 Environment: Made in: 
 FSC and ECF certified Denmark 


In stock (can be backordered)

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This NORDIC FIR TREE is modeled on the elegant Nordmann’s Fir (Abies nordmanniana) which in recent years has become the Christmas tree of choice in many Nordic homes.

Fabulous Goose once again aspires to the heritage of H. C. Andersen’s paper clip. This time in the new Nordic minimalist interpretation designed by a talented Danish illustrator and paper artist Theresa Jessing who has painstakingly cut out the original prototypes by hand in much the same way as legendary children’s storyteller Hans Christian Anderson fashioned his illustrations using just paper and scissors.