Hygge life – beating the January blues


My two dear Instagram friends @heitermagazine and @_by_sophie_ ran a hash tag challenge through this January called #antijanuaryblues
to brighten up the long and dark month of January. Amazing, that this little challenge has contributed with more hygge to my life.

When the winter months are so dark here in Scandinavia, adding a bit of cheerfulness to the everyday is exactly what was needed.

Winter months in Scandinavia are all about hygge. even more than during the rest the year. hygge helps us to survive the winter.

Hygge life solutions to beat the January blues:


Hygge life is getting outside if the weather allows it.

You can't help but feel better.


Hygge life is enjoying the moment of a rare sunshine.

Just standing still and appreciating it.


Hygge life with winter light in scandinavian house



"It's early on a beautiful winter morning.
The house is quiet.
The sun is shining.⠀

I'm thankful.
I'm happy.
My cup runneth over. ⠀
Now there's coffee everywhere."

                ⠀ - Mindy Levy⠀


Hygge life is snuggling with a colorful blanket, a book and a cup of tea.

Winter in this part of Scandinavia is dark and grey like any other places.⠀

Finland, Norway and Nothern Sweeden get the cheerful snow.⠀

Probably, therefore, the ultimate place to find #hygge is in Denmark.⠀

A vibrant pop of color can create a happy home, and a cheerful mood.⠀

Therefore we have this soft organic cotton blanket in orange and grey - ⠀

Adding a touch of orange can have effects on emotions, ⠀

mood, and physiological well being.⠀

A perfect hygge essential


"When it’s dark and grey outside, I feel the need to take time and look after myself even more."
Katharina, Heiter Magazine

All those things helped me to brighten up my January.

It was fun to participate, and it was hyggeligt too - doing something together is a hygge life.

Finding a little project to be a part of. nothing big, but very cozy.


You can see many beautiful images from other participants in this hash tag challenge by clicking here.

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