- as seen at home of the Norwegian blogger Line Hamre


Nordic minimalism 


Line's home has a simple and clean styling. Carefully currated and with an eye for few well selected details.

Colors are white, grey, black and beige - in a true Scandinavian minimalist style.


"I’ve always loved details, both in terms of interior and clothing. I think some interior details can make the difference in a room and it’s a great way to make a simple change. Since there are so many beautiful design items out there, I always think carefully about it before I buy anything. I make wish lists and mood boards. Thinking about where to put it and if it’s something I can have over time. I like to use the details in the still life and put them together with my old favorites."
"In our home with a blend of soft colors, I like to have some details in a darker colour... Something who catches attention and makes the little difference."

Line has purchased this paper Christmas tree in color black in 2017.

And she has shared this styling on her IG feed in 2018.

"Det har allerede stått lenge fremme og kommer til å bli noe av det siste jeg pakker ned."

(It has already been standing for a while and it will be the last X-mas decoration I will be packing down)

"Det så nøytralt at det passer å ha fremme hele vinteren."

(It is so neutral that it can stay the whole winter.)

We have asked Line about how she has packed down the assembled  tree and her advice is simple -  she has used a box to store it.


Medium size paper Christmas tree in color black H 25.5 cm

This Co-Creation kit is complete but not finished and includes:

• Paper arks with ready-to-use elements made of 175 g sturdy paper with natural antique finish. FSC and ECF certified (no heavy metals or chlorine bleaching)

• Foot stand Ø 70 * 23 mm, European Oak / metal pin / Round top in European Oak

• Plastic beads – plenty (400 pcs.)

• Simple assembling instruction with illustrations

This decoration is made of very sturdy paper and can be used again year after year.

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