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Scandinavian interior and design are all about adding a nature-inspired element to every space.

Nature is also an amazing source of inspiration for patterns and designs.

Discover what has inspired us to created one of our designs Frozen.

Many great designers derive their inspiration from nature.

Design Frozen is a part of a bigger collection inspired by the fragile states of nature: MIST, DEW and FROST.

They all feel very magical and we cherish the experience for days when you wake up to a misty morning or when you are looking mesmerized at the frost patterns on a window.

Formation of frost:

Formation of frost normally take place on still, clear and cold nights.

For frost to form, the temperature of the surface must be below 0°C.

The cold air condenses the water vapour in the air into droplets on the ground or any other surfaces.

But what causes these amazing patterns?

All the variations and imperfections in the surface: on the glass it can be scratches, specks of dust.

These variations in the surface affect the way that the ice crystals form and branch out, forming the beautiful patterns.

Adaptation of a design

We have zoomed into the graphic lines of many frost patterns.

A result is a fresh, crisp pattern. In a best tradition of Scandinavian design. The lines are clean and there is a quiet space in-between.

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