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A perfect welcoming gift for a baby with a meaning.

Did you know that elephants are all about the family?

The baby elephant is born into security of one of the most caring family in nature.

In hours he is much celebrated – the new baby – that everyone wants to great and want to know and protect. Then the family will gently adjust the paste for the smallest, shortest legs to keep up and start moving again.

The social world that he is introduced to, will help him to develop into one of the most intelligent and sensitive beings on the planet.


This ultra-soft organic cotton blanket will wrap your little one in snuggly soft warmth.

It will calm, sooth and put your baby to sleep and will become your baby’s security blanket for many years to come.

This blanket is one of the softest blankets you will find. Generous in size, that can be used up till 5 years of age. Fold it and use it as a rug for the tummy time on the floor, as a cot and pram blanket.

Even after washing the blanket will still be as soft as when you bought it.


This blanket in brushed GOTS certified organic cotton is completely free from any harmful chemicals and therefore will provide a reassuringly safe environment for your baby.


yellow / off-white

boarding: navy blue

75 x 100 cm 
30 x 39 in

Care instructions:
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

100% GOTS certified organic cotton

Made in:


Fabulous Goose’s blankets are preferred by design-conscious parents who want sophisticated design, premium quality and locally produced safe products.

We hear from our customers that our kid’s textiles melt gracefully in to the living room. So this baby blanket can just be “forgotten” around the house without disturbing the style.

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Super soft brushed cotton is one of the most pleasant materials you can feel close to your skin. A gentle way to stimulate your child’s sensoric developement.

This blanket is made exclusively of certified cotton threads from a controlled organic growth.

Made in Germany using pure, clean and non-toxic certified processes. The whole manufacturing process is mechanical, that means that no chemicals have been used.

The GOTS certificate is an evident proof of the quality assessment and reliability.

With the right care this blanket will last for many years.

Washing recommendations:

The following care instructions are recommended for this natural cotton blanket:

The blanket is washed best in a wool wash program on your washing machine using a liquid detergent specifically for woolen products at a temperature of 30 C.

For drying we recommend the spin cycle on your washing machine. Afterwards, gently pull the blanket into shape, do not beat it out. For further drying hang or drape the blanket over the washing line, do not peg it at the edge.

The blanket can be dried gently in a tumble drier, the pile will become softer, BUT more prone to fluffing and bobbling and this will cause more wear and the blankets will shrink a little more.

With colored blankets, high quality and environmentally friendly dyes are used, which will only very slightly run (if at all). In order to avoid any risk, please, do not wash dark colored blankets with light colored articles on the first time of washing.

After washing the blanket will take the form of soft “terry” toweling. Overdose of the detergent might cause this effect even more.

Careful brushing after tumble drying will improve the softness of the pile.

If cared for properly, this blanket will give you and your child much pleasure for a long time to come.

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