Baby Blanket Crossing grey – organic cotton


Contemporary crafts.

Folkloric and traditional handcrafts with a new and contemporary look – Style “Crossing” with a pattern inspired by the classic cross-stiches.

Old handwork techniques and innovative combination of colors transcend cultural boarders. “Mix it yourself” and create your eclectic style.

Ultra-soft organic cotton blanket that is perfect for keeping your baby safe and warm. This blanket will calm, sooth and put your baby to sleep. It will become your baby’s security blanket for many years to come.

This blanket is one of the softest blankets you will find. Great size, only pure cotton,  clean and non-toxic product of premium quality.  Even after washing the blanket will still be as soft as when you bought it

This blanket in brushed GOTS certified organic cotton is super soft and worm.

Available also as a throw in size 120×150 cm / 47 x 59 in.


grey / white

Care instructions:
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Made in:

75 x 100 cm
30 x 39 in

100% GOTS certified organic cotton

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Nostalgic references and preservation of cultural heritage, Crossing blanket is poetic and Scandinavian elegant.

It captures the easy living of Scandinavian design.

Created by inspiring talented artist Rugiada Petrelli and craftily cobbled together in such a way that is gentle on nature’s resources: made in Germany using pure, clean and non-toxic processes so you can rest assure that your family – from the biggest member to the littlest of them all – is in safe hands. The whole manufacturing process is mechanical, that means that no chemicals have been used.

Super soft brushed cotton is one of the most pleasant materials you can feel close to your skin.

We believe that blanket is a perfect gift idea for many accessions. And our blanket will surely stand out from any other gifts. 

With the right care this blanket will last for many years.

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