A little secret to Bon Ton – the good style in kid’s room



‘Bon-ton’ is good style – and good style is of course a matter of taste.

But I think we can all agree that when there’s an overall idea to a room, something linking the furniture and accessories, we usually perceive it as good taste!

So the small secret is to choose the color pallet that you like (adding a 3rd color to the pallet will usually make the difference). It will tie the overall look together.

Here we’ve selected some high quality items for a girl’s room, where dusty grey and pink tones together with wood notes ties it all together to create a soft, feminine feeling.

1. FabGoose Bambi blanket
2. Muuto Unfold lamp
3. FabGoose  Hookie Hangers
4. A wooden bed, e.g. from Nobodinoz
5. Nobodinoz Teepee
6. Little cabari Fox blanket
You can buy this elegant light grey Bambi blanket and the Hookie hangers by simply clicking on the product images below.
IMG_9239-s Hookie hanger baby grey Hookie hanger baby salmon

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This mood board is developed by one of the best interior designers for nursery & kid’s room – Valentina Carla Caiazzo from the blog a Misura di bimbo

The smile that flickers on a baby’s lips when he sleeps – does anyone know where it was born?

Fox tail blanket in a basket


The smile that flickers on a baby’s lips when he sleeps – does anyone know where it was born?



there is a rumour

that a young pale beam of a crescent moon

touched the edge of a vanishing autumn cloud,

and there the smile was first born

in the dream of a dew-washed morning.”


Rabindranath Tagore


You can buy this beautiful Fox tails (foxes have 5 different tails to discover) blanket by simply clicking on the product images:


grey_sand fox tails blanekt for baby fox tails blanket for baby in grey_sand color combination grey_sand super soft blanket with foxes that have 5 different tails

{ weekend dreams } Why do you go away?

super soft plaid in brushed organic cotton by FabGoose stylish greay color, design Dew



Why do you go away?

So that you can come back.

So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors.

And the people there see you differently, too.


Comming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.


Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky


Or read our blog post on how to create an inspiring interior for your kids that will stimulate the imaginative play.



fab goose_dicember 1-710 


You can buy this beautiful Dew grey blanket by simply clicking on the product images:

IMG_9663_r IMG_9619_r-s1

The spring clean – A rock-solid solution for the children’s wardrobe.

The chill of winter begins to leave the bones.

As the days grow longer and

we wake from winter’s melatonin-induced stupor,

we rediscover the energy to clean.

You’re certainly not alone

in this strange desire to clean your house. 

It’s kind of an unconscious, collective movement.

 FabGoose 004_8


Spring cleaning is an ancient custom,

taking place each year at that time

when the days begin to lengthen

and we emerge from our cold-weather stupor

ready to freshen up our caves (homes)


Exactly why do we traditionally clean our homes at the beginning of spring?

In many places around the world, it’s about much more

than just getting your actual house clean.

A top-to-bottom, thorough house cleaning

(which, depending on where you live, may not always take place in the spring)

is often a tangible representation

of changes happening within. 


Exactly why do we traditionally clean our homes at the beginning of spring?

Those of us in the Western world

may be surprised to find

that it’s possibly rooted in customs found in the East. 


For many cultures,

the new year and spring coincide.

The reasons behind why we spring clean

are rooted in two competing cultures,

Jewish and Iranian. A third, the Chinese, also have a similar custom.

All of these traditions extend far­ back into the distant past.


Thoroughly cleaning your home

rids it of the bad luck of the past year

and gets it ready to fill with

the good luck sure to follow in the new one. 

During our spring cleaning we will sort kid’s winter clothes away and put the spring wardrobe on the Hookie hangers.


A rock-solid solution for the children’s wardrobe.



Hookie hangers baby and junior


Did you know that our Hookie hangers

are made from the currently most environmentally friendly plastic,

that is both biodegradable and recyclable?

And the colours we use are non-toxic and basically edible!

(approved for food production)

So a safe and fun solution for the kids’ room.




Choose the colors you like here: https://fabgoose.com/product-category/hangers/