Why space theme for kid’s room decor is trending now

Nostalgia, Heritage, and Escapism - therefore space theme in kid’s room decor is trending now

Space theme trend in kid’s room decor at Pitti Imagine Bimbo 86 (Januar 2018)  was not hard to predict.

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How to make Space theme nursery feel soft and comfy

space theme nursery that is cozy and soft

Space theme nursery with FabGoose Night Sky blanket

Of course Outer space theme nursery can be soft and comfy - let us show you how you can do it in true Scandinavian style

​1. Choose a nuetral pallet for your space theme nursery

Our example is ​implemented in a neutral pallet of grey and beige. 

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Space theme interior that will ignite your child’s imagination

– and we have just the right blanket for it

For all the space scientists and Captain Kirks of the future - a space themed room

A night sky and the outer space have been the biggest inspiration for artists since ages.

But we all get fascinated by a starry night and interstellar journeys.

And especially our children children.

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