Space theme interior that will ignite your child’s imagination

– and we have just the right blanket for it

For all the space scientists and Captain Kirks of the future - a space themed room

A night sky and the outer space have been the biggest inspiration for artists since ages.

But we all get fascinated by a starry night and interstellar journeys.

And especially our children children.

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Autumn Days


I begin every morning with a cup of green tea.

When the kids are off for school and the house is breathing out the morning stress.⠀

--it’s my tried and true recipe for an amazing day. ⠀

A routine that helps me to unwind and catch up the moment.⠀

Click here or on the image to shop this blanket.

See all this week featured products below.⠀

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New design snuggle baby blankets – collection The Land of Dreams

Unisex baby blanket in soft organic cotton from FabGoose - new design Night Sky. Elegant Scandinavian design for your baby cuddle time

Not just blankets, but soft stories for kids

We all wish our children sweet dreams every night when we kiss them goodnight.

They are taken to the magical Land of Dreams where the stars are bright, colors are vivid and their best animal friends are waiting for them.

The collection "The Land of Dreams" is a new interpretations of paper clip inspired by

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5 reasons to incorporate orange into your interior


5 reasons to incorporate orange into your interior

Sometimes when you need a change on the inside, the easiest place to start is your environment.
A vibrant pop of color can create a happy home, and a cheerful mood.

To add a twist to your Scandinavian styled decor, look for pieces with a splash of orange. This bold color is the perfect (yet unexpected) addition to your fresh, modern design.

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