Space theme interior that will ignite your child’s imagination

– and we have just the right blanket for it

For all the space scientists and Captain Kirks of the future - a space themed room

A night sky and the outer space have been the biggest inspiration for artists since ages.

But we all get fascinated by a starry night and interstellar journeys.

And especially our children children.

Reviving the Imagination with space theme in your child's room

When you read what has inspired the astronauts and scientists of the past and our days to become who they are, you will often find:


“Space art. That’s what hooked me when I was five years old. The illustrations in my astronomy books when I was a kid”.


At FabGoose we believe that design should be a source of curiosity for children.

​Choosing Space Theme for your child's room is a perfect set for imagination to fly.

Bending the rudimentary rules of physics - the only limit is your child's imagination.

We hope that  when you child will fall asleep at night the FabGoose Night Sky blanket with the stars will sparkle his dreams and send him flying off towards the stars.

You are never too young to get a space theme decor in the room.

As well as Space theme will never get to feel outdated.

Night Sky blanket is made of GOTS certified super soft brushed organic cotton, made in Germany.

This style comes in 3 colors:

  • navy blue
  • sky blue and
  • silver grey

Blanket is generously sized 75 x 100 cm and can be used from newborn up to 5 years (a security blanket to enjoy for years)

You need only few elements to create a space themed nursery or toddler room. 

Here we have created 3 space theme ideas for your child's room decor (where is one of them is for the nursery) with our Night Sky blanket as one of the decoration details.

Click on each image to read and get more inspiration. 

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