Why space theme for kid’s room decor is trending now

Nostalgia, Heritage, and Escapism - therefore space theme in kid’s room decor is trending now

Space theme trend in kid’s room decor at Pitti Imagine Bimbo 86 (Januar 2018)  was not hard to predict.

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New design snuggle baby blankets – collection The Land of Dreams

Unisex baby blanket in soft organic cotton from FabGoose - new design Night Sky. Elegant Scandinavian design for your baby cuddle time

Not just blankets, but soft stories for kids

We all wish our children sweet dreams every night when we kiss them goodnight.

They are taken to the magical Land of Dreams where the stars are bright, colors are vivid and their best animal friends are waiting for them.

The collection "The Land of Dreams" is a new interpretations of paper clip inspired by

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Where the wild things are…


“There should be a place

where only the things you want to happen, happen”

Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are

We couldn’t agree more –

so we’ve turned the dangerous monsters into fun,

expressive characters

in this blanket Predator

from the Wild Things collection  designed by Matthew Langille.

We hope that you’ll adopt a few.

You can buy this funky blanket in two different color variations and 3 sizes (from baby to a big-big one) here:

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