New design snuggle baby blankets – collection The Land of Dreams

Unisex baby blanket in soft organic cotton from FabGoose - new design Night Sky. Elegant Scandinavian design for your baby cuddle time

Not just blankets, but soft stories for kids

We all wish our children sweet dreams every night when we kiss them goodnight.

They are taken to the magical Land of Dreams where the stars are bright, colors are vivid and their best animal friends are waiting for them.

The collection "The Land of Dreams" is a new interpretations of paper clip inspired by

the legendary Danish children’s storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, who fashioned his stories with illustrations by using just paper and scissors.

We’ve also been inspired by the old paper ornaments from Switzerland, that told stories of life in the country.

The new collection consists of three new designs:

  • CATS

Each design comes in soft, neutral color color combinations in true Scandinavian style.


The design LOVE STORY is a love story of two cats who have just met each other. They’ve met at night under the starry sky out in the countryside - while people were sleeping.

Now they are going to meet every night in this dreamy countryside to spend the time together, so many places to discover around.


The NIGHT SKY blanket will help to make sure that the sky is always bright and starry.


And if for a short moment the moon and stars are covered by the soft clouds, the CATS blanket will help to see the faces in the dark.

At Fabulous Goose we believe that it goes without saying that children's textiles should be of high quality and comply with the highest environmental standards.

But they should also sparkle their imagination. Therefore we create not just blankets, but soft stories for kids.

Snuggle with one of the designs from the new collection The Land of Dreams – click the product images to shop:

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