Christmas window decorations ideas – your Holiday window Scandinavian Style

Home made (But still elegant) Nordic Christmas decor out of paper

Decorating for the holidays doesn't need to feel difficult, mundane or be a time-consuming undertaking.

The decorations can be and should be easy to make. This was exactly our aim for this collection of elegant Christmas paper decorations named Nordic Winter Mood.

Now your homemade Christmas decorations out of paper can look as a stylish masterpiece when you use these DIY kits.

Also to decorate your Holiday window.

Here are few ideas for your Holiday Window Decorations in minimal Scandinavian Style: Easy to make, natural, modern and elegant

Miniature Pine Tree

If you’re worrying about the space that your Christmas decorations are going to take from your place, you can opt for small, minimalist Christmas decor – like this one.
You can have a miniature Christmas tree in in the window and add different decorative elements of your choice.


This Christmas tree paper ornament will take you only about 15 minutes to make.
And it will look exactly as beautiful as on this picture.

Use small fresh pine tree branches to bring nature into your Christmas window decoration.

It will play nicely together with the standing paper ornaments.


Play with different props:

You can combine these standing Christmas trees with any props of your choice to achieve the exact mood that you are aiming for in your Christmas window decoration.

These standing paper trees can be used in any room.

Here you can see how the different props change the style and the mood.

The dried flowers make the decoration more seasonal rather than high volume Christmas. You can create this setting already in November and enjoy it through January - 

Serene and Tranquil Interior Decorations for Christmas.


Or add your child's sweater that he's got from his grandma when he was little. Family memories and coziness combined.


Hanging window decorations

Paper ornaments are perfect for your Christmas window decor.

Those Christmas trees are easy to make and easy to hang. The DIY kit contains 100% natural silk string with a special safe needle attached – 2 m long.

Long enought to play with the different hights when grouping your decorations.

A Black and White Christmas - Monochrome Holiday Window decor with hanging trees ornaments

Elegant and Natural:

Scandinavian inspired Christmas decorations are known for its color combination – mostly white, black and gray.

The combination of black and white decorations speak coziness and elegance.

You can find tranquility and peace in this Scandinavian Christmas decoration. 


Keep your Christmas window decorations nice, trendy and minimal.

In this setting, we have groupped the black colored small hanging Christmas trees


This Mistletoe paper ornament is a perfect option for your minimalist Christmas decor.

So easy to make in less than 5 minutes: DIY kits contain all ready-to-use elements that you will need.

Fold it back into the packaging folder when the season is over.

And look forward to use this decoration again and again.

You can hang the  mistletoe as it is for your Christmas window decoration.

Or add your favorite color silk bow.


Garland with pinecones

Scandinavian christmas decorating is mostly about natural ornaments

A very simple, yet beautiful Christmas window decoration - garland with pinecones.

With just few pinecones out of paper, fresh pine tree branches, plus other small decorative details of your choice (here with vintage inspired glass birds) you can make this garland for your holiday window.

This is truly a Nordic-style Christmas window decoration.

Environment and durability:

Paper arks with ready-to-use elements made of 175 g sturdy paper with natural antique finish.
FSC and ECF certified (no heavy metals or chlorine bleaching)


You can easily use your decorations for many seasons to come.

Browse all paper decorations from our Nordic Witner Mood collection here:


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