Christmas decorations to make yourself – Mistletoe paper ornament

Mistletoe for Christmas

A fresh mistletoe with its beautiful deep green color and small white, sticky berries is very decorative.

No wonder that it’s used as a holiday decoration despite if we believe in the old traditions or not.

The custom of using mistletoe to decorate houses at Christmas is a survival of the Druid and other pre-Christian traditions.


Thought that the The European mistletoe grows on a range of trees including willow, apple and oak trees it is not that easy to get a branch or two in December for decorating.

Also the mistletoe is considered poisonous.


Well the next best solution is to create your own mistletoe paper ornament that is also elegant and decorative and can be re-used for the seasons to come.

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Christmas window decorations ideas – your Holiday window Scandinavian Style

Home made (But still elegant) Nordic Christmas decor out of paper

Decorating for the holidays doesn't need to feel difficult, mundane or be a time-consuming undertaking.

The decorations can be and should be easy to make. This was exactly our aim for this collection of elegant Christmas paper decorations named Nordic Winter Mood.

Now your homemade Christmas decorations out of paper can look as a stylish masterpiece when you use these DIY kits.

Also to decorate your Holiday window.

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Advent – the Scandinavian way: traditions, nowadays and inspiration for how to easily make a stylish Advent decoration Scandinavian Style.

What is Advent and why it’s celebrated.

Advent decoration with four candles and paper art decorations Christmas trees

Advent is a Christian tradition.

Advent means ‘Coming’ in Latin (the coming of Jesus into the world).  Advent is the period of four Sundays and weeks before Christmas.

Christians use the four Sundays and weeks of Advent to prepare and remember the real meaning of Christmas.

In old days Advent was a thoughtful and serious occasion. These days it tends to be a time for celebration and anticipation of the Christmas Eve for many. 

Scandinavian Christmas celebrations in general have become more nonspiritual events during recent years. And by doing so it opened up this festive time of year for everyone to enjoy and be a part of, regardless of faith, nationality, or background.

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Scandi Style Inspired Gift ideas for a design-conscious adult (parent or not)

yellow room

{ happy december }

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – three weeks to go, and we humbly admit to not having all the presents ready yet..

But thankfully we have lots of ideas. If you’re the least bit like us, maybe you’ll be inspired by this board, for the design-conscious adult (parent or not):

1. Fabgoose  Greenland Gang blanket

2. Fabgoose Nordic Winter Mood 3D decoration kits

3. Kartell 

4. Kay boiesen 

5. Ferm living

6. Ferm living

7. Marimekko  


If this is something you want, why not to share this Wish List and ask for the items you like.

Buy the soft cotton Greenland Gang blanket and 3D Decoration kits by simply clicking on the product image: 

Nordic Winter Mood 3D Cones product image.pdf.png IMG_3685a IMG_3685b IMG_3685c IMG_9190

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 This mood board is developed for us by Valentina Carla Caiazzo from the blog a Misura di bimbo