Holiday decor – in elegant Scandinavian style


Fabgoose Co-creation line is a Holiday decor products in elegant Scandinavian style.

Easy to assemble kits encourage the creativity in every human being - big as small. It takes about 15 minutes from start to finish to assemble the decoration.

This line is a great way to connect with your own creative mind.

Fabgoose provides the basics of this experience with ease and refined aesthetics of Scandinavian design. Your job is to give space to a pause in your life were hands and mind connect and ground you for a moment by yourself or in the fellowship with your loved ones.

These paper decorations remind of a colder season without necessarily referring to the festive Christmas days.

This kind of Holiday decor could even stay during the entire Winter season allowing for a cozy feel in our homes.

All decorations are made of very sturdy paper of 175 - 250 g paper. All decorations can be used again year after year.