Tabletop christmas decorations to impress – because it’s handmade by you


These tabletop paper Christma trees will make an outstanding centerpeice decoration for any Christmas table.

Pick the color that you like to match your table setting.

The elegant and minimalist style of these paper Christma trees will match both the rustic and a modern table setting.

It takes about 15 minutes from start to finish assembling this paper Christmas tree decoration.
You can always engage other members of the family to help with the it. A child from 8 years of age will be a perfect helper.

The more the merrier

A monochrome centerpiece setting or mix and match different colors, either way a group of these tabletop paper Christma trees together will make the biggest impact.

And you can use the decorations the next year again around the house.
Made of sturdy paper they can be used year after year.

All kits with these tabletop paper Christma trees come complete but not finished. Your hands - this is all it takes.


Paper arks with ready-to-use elements made of 175 g sturdy paper with natural antique finish.
FSC and ECF certified (no heavy metals or chlorine bleaching)

You can easily use your decorations for many seasons to come.