Clean and sophisticated look around the house, also when you get kids


Our bambi blanket on this photo (by Maria Fynsk Norup) is 3 years old and still in use:

“Getting ready for som serious me-time! (And yes, I stole the kids’ blanket…too comfy not to ;))”

We often hear from our customers that our kid’s textiles melt gracefully into the living room. That is very important for the modern design-conscious parents, who wish to keep a clean and sophisticated look around the house, also when they get kids.

The FabGoose textiles can just be “forgotten” around the house without disturbing the style. This picture is a perfect example.

You can buy this beautiful Bambi blanket in beige / offwhite color combination here


Baby blanket size 75×100 cm

Junior blanket size 120×150 cm

(as on the picture)

 super soft cotton baby blanket with sweet but modern bambi design    ultra soft plaid with timeless bambi design in beige and offwhite