Seaside inspiration – what to pack for the day on the beach – for creative play and cozy time together with your little ones

Inspiration what to pack for the day on the beach


The beach is the ideal place for children to enjoy their vacation. Kids love water and playing in the sand.

Playing in the sand:

After swimming (or in between) building sand castles and making mud baths are their favorite activities on the beach. 

We have selected some great toys that you can take with you on the beach. They are fun, colorful, inspiriting for play and of a good quality.

They will surely help to make a day at the beach with your child both relaxing and exciting.

  1. Fab goose blanket
  2. Hape toys 
  3. Hape toys 
  4. IKEA
  5. Quut toys
  6. Quut toys


Sand on the beach can irritate kid’s sensible skin, therefore a soft cotton blanket can be very pleasant to relax on.

And a smaller blanket can also be very useful – if you will take a canopy with you,  your smaller child can climb in it and fall asleep on a pillow and a soft blanket.

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On the trip to the beach in the lovely summer weather a fishing net is indispensable if your kids want to try and catch small fish and crabs.

Perhaps they can catch one that will look as fun and silly as the characters on our Sea World blanket. 

Select the color you like by clicking on the picture below to shop the blanket:

adj-0308-s IMG_0661-s cotton blanket which balances humor, vibe and youth with a dark edge. Bold graphic characters for teens and young at harts


This inspirational board is developed by one of the best interior designers for nursery & kid’s rooms – Valentina Carla Caiazzo from the blog a Misura di bimbo