Help your kids to relax and recharge after school – Inspiring kid’s room decor with a twist of Scandinavian Design

Dedicated and inviting place to do the homework is important.

However, we think that a cozy place and the dedicated time to recharge should come first.




After-school downtime 

After a long day at school, there is a good chance for that your child is mentally exhausted and has overflowing pent-up physical energy.

Therefore, kids need a break before they dive into their homework.


Downtime = improved performance

Studies reveal that kids learn and behave better when they are given breaks to play, be physically active and recharge.

After long hours of seated concentration in the classroom, kids need downtime before they hit the books again.

What’s more important is that they have the time and freedom to choose their own activity.

Quiet Solitude Play

Especially the introverted kids (those kind of individuals who feel energized after a period of time alone) need their own uninterrupted space to recharge themselves.

As a parent you should not worry about boredom. You do not need to schedule kids’ lives to keep them busy.

“Empty hours teach children how to create their own happiness” says Alvin Rosenfeld, a child psychiatrist and co-author of The Over-scheduled Child. 

So Help your kids relax and recharge after the school – quality time is so important for all of us

Therefore, we are proud to bring you this inspirational board that we think combines perfectly a need for studding space and relaxation for your child.

Use it as an inspiration to decorate your child’s room with a twist of Scandinavian interior.

 The colors are calming and light.

The suggested lamps insure good lightening both for studying and for a quiet reading moment.

FabGoose soft blanket can be used for a nap, to read, watching the TV. Kids love to get cozy.

1. Fabgoose Circus Bear blanket


 You can buy this beautiful Circus Bear blanket by simply clicking on the product images. The blanket is big enough for a child up to 5-6 years old (Size 75×100 cm): 

IMG_0412-s brown_bear_f

This mood board is developed by one of the best interior designers for nursery & kid’s room – Valentina Carla Caiazzo from the blog a Misura di bimbo.

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