The perfect nook


As adults, we all love cuddling up in our favorite corner

to spend a moment relaxing, reading, watching a film etc.

But we are not alone in that!

Don’t be mistaken by the kids’ active play

and their energy to always want that extra round on the swing…

After a full day of play,

they also have a sore need to settle down and relax,

and it’s up to us

to provide a safe and cozy place to do that.

Here are a few items that we imagine would work great for a kid’s cozy nook:

  1. orange lamp 
  2. fab goose
  3. pineapple lamp Heico
  4. by KlipKlap 
  5. fab goose
  6. fab goose
  7. hay, pinocchio rug 

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IMG_0396-s FabGoose Clouds grey_orange web FabGoose-Big-Booty-mouse-woolen-cushion-grey-s