Friendly forest


The young imagination

is a beautiful thing –

it only needs a tiny seed to grow a huge forest of stories.

A wallpaper turns into a forest full of friendly animals that walks and talks.

The bed is the lead-car of a circus inspector,

driving a caravan of wagons carrying exotic animals,

wiry acrobats and fire-breathing dragons. 

A blue blanket turns into a wild and wavy ocean journey on the back of a whale.

The best we can do as parents

is to provide room – and sometimes small seeds – for these stories to grow.


  1. fab goose Hookie hangers
  2. Muuto Unfold lamp 
  3. illustration Jon Klassen from the book I Want My Hat Back
  4. fab goose Fairytale Forest blanket
  5. Muuto Pulllamp 
  6. Woodly – montessori floor bed 
  7. Loboloup – wallpaper friendly forest 
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