Long for simplicity in a busy everyday-home … Do you know that feeling?


Sometimes we long for simplicity,

a clean slate

and noise-less surroundings,

to calm the busy world inside os.


It can be tricky to keep a busy everyday-home with children

free of clutter and visual noise –

but the few minutes after you’ve tidied everything

(and before the kids rediscover their toys)


Do you know that feeling?

(we sure do!)




You can buy this Sea World blanket in three different color variations by simply clicking on the image.

IMG_0661-s cotton blanket which balances humor, vibe and youth with a dark edge. Bold graphic characters for teens and young at harts adj-0308-s IMG_4603


Where the wild things are…


“There should be a place

where only the things you want to happen, happen”

Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are

We couldn’t agree more –

so we’ve turned the dangerous monsters into fun,

expressive characters

in this blanket Predator

from the Wild Things collection  designed by Matthew Langille.

We hope that you’ll adopt a few.

You can buy this funky blanket in two different color variations and 3 sizes (from baby to a big-big one) here:

adj-0299-s adj-0304-s IMG_0961




Come fly with me! … what makes kids happier than play time?


“So come with me,

where dreams are born,

and time is never planned.



Just think of happy things,

and your heart will fly on wings,


in Never Never Land!”

(J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan: Fairy Tales)

Start your own stories this season with a story-laden fabgoose blanket.  

Sometimes it’s all that is needed for imagination to take flight. 


You can buy the Softy Clouds blanket in 3 different variations  here:  

IMG_0392-s IMG_0396-s IMG_0395-s